EMSEAL BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint Systems NS Chezzetcook Bridge


Installation PDF for BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint System

Installation PDF for BEJS-on-a-Reel (BOR)

BEJS is shipped in sticks that measure about 6 ½ feet. For sizes ¼” – 1 ¼” it comes on 12 foot reels. Because the material is precompressed to fit for the day of install it is one of the easiest systems to install. The BEJS sticks permit easy staging for lane closures without having to deal with large rolls of material. BEJS arrives on site as a system that includes epoxy and silicone sausages for the injected side bands.

MoDOT wrote in their nomination for the AASHTO Innovation Award:

“It fills a maintenance gap for us. Most joints will need one or maybe two of these maintenance type glands in their life cycle before you completely replace the joint and armor. This system is the easiest to install of the options that are currently available in Missouri.”


Sizing is a critical component of the process. We want to ensure that the material will be easy to install in the summer when the joint is closed down, but will have enough foam and silicone to handle the larger joint opening in winter. There are a few tools EMSEAL provides to assist with this:

  1. An EMSEAL Checklist that you fill out, send in to EMSEAL, and we will advise you on the correct size to order.
  2. An EMSEAL Field Measurement Card. This is a reusable dry erase card that can be filled out on the site, a photo taken, and emailed to EMSEAL for sizing recommendations.
  3. An EMSEAL Sizing Chart so that you can go out on the day of install with a few sizes of BEJS on the truck and determine what size of BEJS to select based on bridge deck span length, joint opening, and current temperature.
  4. BEJS installation sheet for either BEJS sticks or reels.

Case Studies

bridge-expansion-joint-test-case-study_siliconecloseup-bejs-emsealReplacement of failed joint in existing metal angles

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massdot_bridge_expansion_joint_repair_install_bejs-emsealPhase II nighttime replacement of failed silicone joint in existing metal angles

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bridge-expansion-joint-test-case-study_mixing-emcrete-bejs-emsealReplacement of failed joint in concrete edges repaired with EMCRETE

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bridge-expansion-joint-system_epoxy-on-top-u-90-join-b-bejs-emsealBEJS installed at curbs with Universal-90* Transitions

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Bridge-Expansion-Joint-System_BEJS-Sticks-Joined-Together-and-Pushed-into-Gap_BEJS-EMSEALReplacement of failed Bolt-Down expansion joints with EMCRETE and BEJS

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New Bridge Expansion Joint Sealed with BEJS

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