Bridge expansion joints for new and maintenance BEJS from EMSEAL


The bridge expansion joint division of EMSEAL® grew out of, and is a logical extension of, its 30+ years of experience in delivering watertight, lasting expansion joint solutions to the build environment in projects ranging from local schools to complex major-league stadiums. This track record is built on delivering high value, lowest total cost of ownership, structural expansion joints that work.

Market-driven innovation has yielded breakthrough new materials that ensure continuity-of-seal against water, handle extremes of heat and cold, and that are easily installed, maintained, and if needed, repaired.

We are a team of highly trained, motivated, and personable customer and technical service professionals. We deliver ready-to-go as well as custom-quick solutions matched to the situational conditions of each bridge.

From the person who answers the phone when you call, to the dedicated inside and in-field technical support of our bridge team, to online chat and GoToMeeting collaboration, EMSEAL is completely dedicated to your satisfaction and the success of your project.

Bridge Preservation Through Watertight Expansion Joints

Bridge expansion joint problems can be avoided with watertight expansion joints from EMSEAL

The useful life of bridges can be meaningfully prolonged by requiring and installing watertight expansion joints. Expansion joints, by necessity, are located above rockers, bearings, beams and piers. It is these critical structural elements of a bridge that suffer most from corrosion. By ensuring that salt-laden water does not reach the structure, corrosion is prohibited. The key’s to lasting expansion joints are proper sizing, proper installation, and watertight technology that is tolerant of handling job-site imperfections. Finally, successful expansion joint systems will be tailored to situational conditions and will be capable of ensuring continuity-of-seal through all changes in plane and direction. EMSEAL has developed its Bridge Expansion Joint System (BEJS) in direct response to the needs of those charged with the maintenance of our bridge infrastructure. The result is a system, coupled to a process, that has the potential so save billions in maintenance and reconstruction costs over time.