EMSEAL BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint Systems NS Chezzetcook Bridge


AASHTO Innovation Initiative BEJS bridge expansion joint from EMSEAL

AASHTO APEL Approved Product Evaluation List. BEJS Bridge Expansion Joint System from Emseal.  Bridge Expansion Joint Wins John J Brock Innovation Award at TransOvation  Bridge Expansion Joint Recognition from ARTBA American Road and Transportation Builders Association

Recognized by AASHTO, listed to APEL, winner of TransOvation innovation award, and praised by DOT’s and contractors nationwide, the BEJS System from EMSEAL is setting a new standard for bridge expansion joint performance and practice.

The BEJS SYSTEM builds on a track record of over 30 years of sealing horizontal plane joints with pre-compressed foam sealants. The system is comprised of a precompressed, silicone-and-foam hybrid installed into field-applied epoxy adhesive on the joint faces; with the silicone bellows locked to the joint faces with a silicone sealant band.

The BEJS SYSTEM features an innovation in sealant technology in the form of a microsphere-modified, 100% acrylic impregnation infused into the cellular foam base material. It features low temperature flexibility not previously available in asphalt, wax, or isobutylene-based predecessors or competitors. BEJS is suitable for applications including joint-face adhered installations on bridge decks, wing wall, abutments, jersey barriers, precast panels, etc.

EMSEAL offers technical service via trained bridge technicians. What remains unique to EMSEAL today is our support and service. For field applications – EMSEAL has innovative 3-D technical support for difficult projects. EMSEAL is there before orders are placed and long after the material is installed.