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AST is a self-adhering tape seal made from resilient, open-cell polyurethane foam impregnated with a water-based acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion.  It replaces and outperforms liquid and butyl tape sealant and closed-cell closures.

AST Metal Building Sealants Product Data (english).pdf

AST Hi-Acrylic Scellants pour édifices de métal – Données sur le produit (Francais)


AST sealant tapes are preformed, resilient, self-adhesive, expanding tape seals made from an open-cell foam that has been impregnated with a water-based, acrylic-modified asphalt emulsion and then compressed to a sealing density level appropriate to the application. Typically, higher compression levels are required for water-tightness in water run-off applications; lower compression can be used, for example, for snow seals at roof ridges.
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Product Uses
AST Sealant Tapes are used to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow, and moisture through joint details in metal buildings and similar structures, both pre-manufactured and site-built. They are ideal as joint fillers in expansion/compression seals in joints that are subject to movement from thermal expansion and contraction of a structure, and as gasket-type seals in mechanically fastened, non-moving applications such as lap seams.

They are suitable for use against metal, plastic trim, and other materials common in metal building structures.

Benefits of AST
Will not dry out and become hard or brittle.

The seals are UV-stable and highly resistant to aging and vermin (bugs, rodents, birds, etc.)

Will not extrude from between joints when squeezed, which is a possibility with caulk or butyl-type tapes.

May be used in non-moving gasket-type applications as well as in moving expansion/contraction-type joints.

Material is supplied with self-adhesive on one side. After removal of packaging, material begins gradual expansion - more slowly in cold weather than in hot.

AST Sealant Tapes have been the sealants of choice of metal roof and building component manufacturers and discerning erectors for more than 30 years. The products' quality has earned EMSEAL long-term supply relationships with metal building manufacturers worldwide--in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

How it Works - The EMSEAL Advantage

The open-cell foam is impregnated, compressed to the size of the opening to be sealed, and shipped in reels. The stored strain-energy of compression in the foam means continuous back-pressure is exerted against surfaces to be sealed. This pressure, combined with the adhesive natureof the impregnation, assures reliable adhesion to both upper and lower surfaces. As the sealed components and expand with seasonal temperature changes, long-term sealing contact with the contact surfaces is maintained.

Where to Use AST Hi-Acrylic

Use AST Hi-Acrylic in all applications where the material will be allowed to expand to fill voids.

AST Hi-Acrylic is impregnated to higher density and is capable therefore of providing a seal even when not fully compressed.

Used across panel contour at eaves, hips, valleys, peaks, concealed gutters, etc., AST Hi-Acrylic provides a durable and versatile solution to these typically difficult-to-seal areas.

Use small-size AST Hi-Acrylic in flat-on-flat "gasket" applications (side laps, end laps, and laps with closures) where the material will be held at a high degree of compression by fasteners such as clips, screws, etc.

AST Hi-Acrylic in these gasketing applications is an hard-working, long-lasting, high-performance alternative to butyl-tapes which generally squeeze out; or to closed-cell materials which suffer compression set and additionally tend to dry out and crumble.

Standard & Special Sizes Available

Please contact EMSEAL (AST@emseal.com) for sizes to suit your specific application needs.

AST Metal Building Sealants Product Data (english).pdf

AST Hi-Acrylic SDS sheet

AST Hi-Acrylic Scellants pour édifices de métal – Données sur le produit (Francais)


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