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Multi-Use Sealant Tape
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UST Awning & Sign Sealant
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UST OEM, Component, and Converter Sealant Tape

Multi-Use Farm Sealant 
Please call EMSEAL for help with these other applications:
Sash & Door & Windows Manufactured Housing HVAC
Awnings Automotive Truck & Trailer
Retrofit Roof Drains Precast Concrete Building Systems Precast Concrete Walls
Precast Concrete Foundations Wooden Window Frames Aluminum Window Frames

The EMSEAL Approach to OEM and Industrial Gasket, and Sealant Solutions:

For more than 30 years, EMSEAL materials have been used in  gasket and OEM sealing applications.  EMSEAL's preformed, precompressed sealant tapes as well as sheets, rolls, pads, and master rolls have be supplied to OEM's and converters worldwide.

Applications include, automobile, marine, log home, recreational vehicle, awning, telecommunication shelters, HVAC, building systems, awnings, precast concrete building systems, precast walls, precast foundations, windows, metal roof and building systems, retrofit roof drains, and many more.

The Specialty Market Division of EMSEAL was expanded in 1995 to incorporate product application specialists devoted specifically to assisting OEM's in selecting sealants to suit their component sealing needs.

Grounded in the latest innovations in impregnated foam sealant technology, EMSEAL sealant tapes deliver extraordinary value through durability and performance.

EMSEAL sealant tapes are a unique hybrid of the best features of liquid-adhesive sealants infused into a cellular foam matrix that provides resilience, compression recovery and unmatched durability.  EMSEAL sealant tapes compress into their own matrix and do not extrude, squeeze out, or spill over like liquid or butyl sealants.  This extraordinary combination of features results in a material of significant versatility, aesthetic advantage and suitability to a wide range of uses.

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