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Your choice of sealant is no less important than your choice of log.

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For more than 30 years EMSEAL has offered an economical, expanding, open-cell, foam tape impregnated with water-based, acrylic-modified asphalt.

EMSEAL Classic LOGHOME TAPE provides UV stability and sealing ability, as well as resistance to aging and to vermin (bugs, rodents, birds, etc.) For these same reasons, asphalt has been the choice for sealing ships, roofs, foundations, roads and many other structures throughout history. As a result it is not unreasonable to expect that EMSEAL Classic LOGHOME TAPE will last the life of your log home.

The minor trade-off for this performance is slight smudging on surfaces which make contact with the tape, for example: on logs, paper and skin during handling. If you're concerned about minor contact staining, EMSEAL Acrylic LOGHOME TAPE provides an excellent clean-handling alternative.

Classic LOGHOME Tape Install Summary(.pdf)


EMSEAL Acrylic LOGHOME TAPE also an expanding, open-cell, foam tape, was developed in the early 1980s with a water-based, acrylic impregnation.

Specifically developed for its compatibility with wet sealants such as polyurethanes and silicones, it is free from visible contact staining and is compatible with chinking and the stains and preservatives often used in the log home industry.

EMSEALAcrylic LOG HOME TAPE is particularly suitable for construction methods such as Swedish cope or flat on flat, where sealant tape is installed at the outer edges of the logs AND where sprayed-on log sealer or stain may come in contact with the tape.

Its high-temperature stability makes it an excellent choice for use around metal skylights. Often chosen as a matter of preference, it is a good all-round choice for loghome applications.

Acrylic LOGHOME Tape Install Summary(.pdf)


How it Works - The EMSEAL Advantage

The open-cell foam is impregnated, compressed to the size of the opening to be sealed, and shipped in reels. The stored strain-energy of compression in the foam means continuous back-pressure is exerted against the logs.

This pressure, combined with the adhesive nature of the impregnation, assures reliable adhesion to both upper and lower log surfaces. As the logs shrink and expand with seasonal temperature and humidity changes, long-term sealing contact with the log surfaces is maintained.


EMSEAL Log Home Sealant Tape and Wool Insulation: 

Wool insulation is emerging as a functional and sustainably-produced component of log home construction.  Wool is a durable alternative to fiberglass insulation for preserving thermal insulation between log courses.  Its excellent potential as insulation must not be confused however with ensuring that your home is watertight over the long term.  Builders, home owners and manufacturers who want to ensure the long-term sealing of their homes use EMSEAL Log Home Sealant Tape in addition to wool.  Flanking the wool with a strip of EMSEAL Log Home Sealant Tape will provide the best possible solution to log sealing.

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The Gold Standard of Durability: EMSEAL Classic Log Home Tape (black) ensures continuity of seal through cope and saddle notch while sheep's wool adds insulation.

EMSEAL Log Home Tape Contributes to 5-Star Energy Rating

It had long been considered impossible to achieve Alaska’s highest energy-efficiency rating in a log home. That is until a home was sealed with two strips of EMSEAL Log Home Tape between and at the end-joins of the logs, and with large size Log Home Tape as compression gaskets in the settling voids above windows and doors.

The result was the first-ever 5-Star, "very efficient" rating for an Alaskan log home. Log Home Tape compression gaskets provide excellent insulation and air-infiltration from the outset and are installed in conjunction with a vapor barrier membrane. Over time they compress to a point where watertight sealing is achieved.

The home energy rating is a standard measurement of a home’s energy efficiency. An energy rating allows a home buyer to easily compare the energy costs for homes being considered.

The home receives a point score between 1 to 100, depending on its relative efficiency. An estimate of the home’s energy costs is also provided. The home’s energy rating is then equated to a Star rating ranging from a 1 Star for a very inefficient home to a 5 Star for a highly efficient home.



Numerous standard sizes are available to suit most hand-crafted and milled log configurations.  In addition, just about any size material can be provided to suit your specific requirements--Contact EMSEAL.


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