Waterproofing Plaza Deck Expansion Joints With Buried Sheet Goods—Penny-Wise, Pound-Foolish

Buckled Pavers in Plaza Deck

We received an emailed photograph from one of our sales reps today.  Here it is:

It shows pavers on a split-slab plaza deck–buckled up, cracked, dislodged and missing.  The cause?  Movement from the structural expansion joint in the structural expansion joint below.  So why the mess?  The owner of this plaza was the unfortunate beneficiary of an attempt to save a few bucks by using a “buried band-aid” expansion joint waterproofing solution.

This means that rather than using a purpose-designed, watertight, plaza deck expansion joint, a single-ply sheet of rubber was laid over the joint and tied into the deck waterproofing system.

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