Why QuietJoint? New EMSEAL Product Fills Gaps and Market Need

Over the years, we have been repeatedly asked for a cost-effective way to mate mullion to window or wall at partitions.

Partition closures seal the gaps created by semi-permanent, reconfigurable and even permanent partition walls.  Acoustical privacy, it seems, is the biggest problem created when demising walls are added after the shell of the building is already in place. Not far behind the blocking of sound is the control of HVAC balance—keeping separately zoned spaces from influencing one another is an endless tenancy contention.

As we have learned from independent-laboratory-conducted sound attenuation studies, EMSEAL products are remarkably adept at blocking sound.

From similar studies on the thermal insulating properties of our products, we have proved some very good R-Values as well.  We pioneered QuietJoint for a project in California where office partitions abut an exterior curtainwall system.  The horizontal mullions (just as in the photo above) created a gap that was allowing sound to pass between rooms.  QuietJoint quickly, and aesthetically filled the gap and stopped the noise.