Migutrans FS 110/30

The Migutrans FS Series of floor expansion joint covers is a durable, high-point-load resistant, flush mounted, pedestrian friendly line of interior floor expansion joint covers. The low-profile, high point-load, Migutrans floor expansion joints provide the perfect surface free of bumps, sags, cracks, bangs, slips and trips and little or no maintenance.

The FS 110 model is a workhorse within the product range. It provides a good balance of limited aesthetic impact, joint span, and load capacity to make it the right choice for most building types with traffic from pedestrians to forklifts.

The Migutrans FS Series of high-point-load-resistant interior expansion joint covers has an unmatched global durability track record in airports, hospitals, convention centers and schools. Its reputation comes from the ability to stand up to rolling point loads–the number one killer of interior floor joints.

Migutrans FS 110/30


  • ADA compliant
  • striated surface ensures good slip resistance
  • smooth and impact-free traffic surface
  • extreme durability
  • specifically designed to handle rolling point loads.
  • fire-rating available through addition of EMSHIELD DFRConsult EMSEAL.


Min| 9/16″ (15mm)
Preferred| 3″ (75mm)
Max| 3″ (75mm)

Above are mean joint sizes at mid-point of expected service temperature range


1 1/8″= +9/16″ and -9/16″
(30mm= +15mm and -15mm)


For joint sizes up to 3-inches (75 mm) in floors where high point loads are expected:

  • Fork lifts
  • Trucks
  • Scissor lifts
  • Gurneys
  • Luggage carts
  • Hand trucks
  • Pedestrians
  • Mobile medical equipment
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Vendor carts
  • Maintenance Equipment

Model | Installation Height

FS 110/30 | 1 ¼” (30mm)
FS 110/30 E4 | 1 ¼” (30mm)* — corner

Various leg heights are offered through special order. Consult EMSEAL.

*Minimum joint width 3″ (75 mm).

Blockout Depth

Blockout depth = Leg Height + 1/4-inch (6mm) for EMSEAL-supplied epoxy-mortar setting-bed

Blockout Width

Blockout width will vary depending on joint-gap size—Consult EMSEAL

Floor-To-Wall Options

E-4 (wall flange turned up)

Production Length

13.12′ (4 m)

Overall Width

9″ (230mm)

Blockout Depth

Blockout depth = Leg Height + 1/4-inch (6mm) for EMSEAL-supplied epoxy-mortar setting-bed

Blockout Width

For retrofit or solid slab installations, blockout recess width will vary depending on joint-gap size—Consult EMSEAL

Load per axle for vehicles with pneumatic tires

22,500 lbs
10,200 kg
100 kN

Load per axle for forklifts with pneumatic or solid, soft-rubber tires

15,700 lbs
7,138 kg
70 kN

NOTE: Because a fork lift load is carried almost entirely on the front axle, this can also be considered the gross, loaded vehicle weight.

Load per axle for equipment with solid, hard-plastic tires

365 lbs/inch width of tire
6.5 kg/mm
63.7 N/mm

NOTE: Multiply total width of all tires on axle by above value to get total load capacity.

For assistance in calculating wheel loads of expected vehicles–Consult EMSEAL

Add a fire barrier with EMSHIELD DFR2  or DFR3.