Even a Small Stadium Can Cause Big Expansion Joint Headaches—Not the case for Notre Dame’s Melissa Cook Softball Park Though.

EMSEAL's DSM System installed at Melissa Cook Softball Stadium.

A delightful little ballpark, Mellissa Cook Stadium proudly serves Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish softball team.  It also proudly serves the University’s engineering department as a facility that was waterproof and did not leak since the day it was built.

This is in large part due to the selection of EMSEAL’s DSM System for the expansion joints. DSM is one of EMSEAL’s line of precompressed, preformed joint sealants that offers a durable alternative to backer rod and wet sealants.  In joints as small as 1/2″ and up to 1 3/4″ sometimes varying across that entire range in a single run, the DSM System was sized to suit the changing joint widths.

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