Bridge expansion joints for new and maintenance BEJS from EMSEAL


Is BEJS easy to install?

BEJS is shipped in sticks that measure about 6 ½ feet. For sizes ¼” – 1 ¼”
it comes on 12 foot reels. Because the material is precompressed to fit
for the day of install it is one of the easiest systems to install. The BEJS
sticks permit easy staging for lane closures without having to deal with
large rolls of material. BEJS arrives on site as a system that includes
epoxy and silicone sausages for the injected side bands.
MoDOT wrote in their nomination for the AASHTO Innovation Award:
“It fills a maintenance gap for us. Most joints will need one or maybe two of
these maintenance type glands in their life cycle before you completely replace
the joint and armor.

Bridge Expansion Joint BEJS injecting silicone sealant band EMSEAL