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Selection Guide: Emcrete Bridge Nosing & Patching Materials


Bridge Expansion Joint Nosing Material Emcrete Kit

EMCRETE is Emseal’s premium-performance nosing and patching material. Featuring a low aggregate to resin ratio, Emcrete is resin-rich and therefore more flexible and resilient than alternatives. Emcrete comes conveniently kitted complete with resins and aggregates nested in 5-gallon pails. The black UV-stabilizing fully-suspended pigment eliminates the need for premixing. The aggregate is a combination of chopped fiberglass (to provide cross linked flexibility and body) and a hard silica-free aggregate to impart compressive strength. Self-levelling and rapid-curing, Emcrete deploys fast and is quickly trafficable.

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Emcrete II

Bridge expansion joint nosing and patching material Emcrete II

EMCRETE II is a high-yield, high-performing, self-levelling, and rapid-curing nosing and patching material equal to those commonly specified and used in DOT markets. Emcrete II contains a high aggregate to resin ratio that maximizes yield and imparts high compressive strength.

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