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The weather in Casselton, North Dakota ranges from blistering summers, to frigid winters.  Protection of the harvest while in storage is entrusted to EMSEAL's AST, impregnated, preformed, foam sealant.

AST Hi-Acrylic Grain-Bin Sealant

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AST under the mounting flange ensures watertightness, keeping harmful water away from bin contents.

AST is an innovative evolution of more typically used sealants.

Extruded, rope-form or liquid applied sealants squeeze-out, are super-sensitive to temperature, inadequately fill voids, and do not follow thermal expansion and contraction changes.

AST uses all of the time-tested sealing properties of a unique water-based asphalt emulsion modified for enhanced performance in cold and hot weather through the addition of advanced acrylics.  The acrylics stabilize the material at high temperatures and extend flexibility in cold temperatures.

The resulting sealant blend is contained in a foam matrix which makes handling easy, compresses uniformly without overspill and provides lasting protection of the valuable contents of grain bins and elevators.


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